Helping you keep the dirty stuff out!

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                                                                                             Tamara Gentry, Owner

Cloudland Canyon, GA
Visit our Errands page to see what we can help you with. 

                                                                                                          Trisha G.

Welcome to Tamara's Cleaning Service! 

Serving Catoosa County, Fort Oglethorpe, and Chickamauga, GA,  Also serving  East Ridge, Collegedale and Apison, TN. 

We are your residential and office cleaning service!   We are here to help you keep your home or office fresh and clean.  We also offer Errand Services to help you or a loved one with some of the daily errands that are hard to get done.  We are excited you decided to visit our website!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We are happy to answer them for you.  Thank you and as always, have a blessed day!

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"Helping to keep the dirty stuff out." 

Tamara's Cleaning Service, 706-935-9850

 Are you looking for a company that has honesty and integrity at the top of their list?  Call us today.  706-935-9850.

Are you looking for.......

Sparkiling clean bathrooms that are disinfected?

Dust free furniture?

Clean bed linens?

Clean sinks?

Cobwebs gone?

Sanitized kitchen counters and tables?

Clean glass surfaces?

Clean microwave and stove top, outside of refrigerator?

Dishwasher emptied and dirty dishes loaded?

Just call us today at 706-935-9850!  We will work hard to make your office or home as clean as possible.

We give high quality service with honesty and integrity, a professional staff and great customer service.

Tamara's Family.

Need a Handyman?  Lawn mower repair and welding also!  Click on the picture below.

About Us

Tamara's Cleaning Service has been in business for over twelve years.  We are a christian based company in Ringgold, GA and apply Christ like principles in the operation of our business.  We are a company with a helping heart, priding ourselves on honesty, integrity and reliability.  We are a legal small business.  We offer Free Estimates and a desire to Serve Others.  For added peace of mind, we are insured.   We keep our rates as reasonable as possible.  We are professional, cleaning your home the way you want it cleaned.   

We are a business that recognizes the hard work of anyone we employee.  We appreciate and value their hard work, dedication and high quality character.  Their willingness to clean areas that house harmful bacteria and germs is greatly appreciated.   They are helping to keep our customers homes sanitized, disinfected and safe.                

We also offer Errand Services for Individuals and Small businesses in Ringgold and Fort Oglethorpe, GA.  Please see our Errand Services page.  



High dusting, low dusting, dust blinds, dust window sills  sweep, vacuum, mop, clean all glass doors inside and out, clean all glass on furniture, clean all mirrors, collect garbage from each can and take to the main trash can, clean kitchen counter tops, microwave inside and out, outside of stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer, clean kitchen sink and outside of kitchen cabinets, kitchen counter tops, unload and load dishwasher, clean all bath tubs, showers, sinks, toilets and outside of bathroom cabinets, change bed linens. 

We offer weekly, every other week, every three weeks and monthly cleanings.  We do the same things every time  we clean.  You will know your home has been cleaned when we leave.

Tamara's Cleaning Service is here to help you with the important task of  maintaining a clean home or office.  

We look forward to helping you with your cleaning needs.      

We love your pets!  As long as they are friendly, they do not bother us.