John 3:16

 Domestic Violence is a  crime.   One in three deaths occur each day because of domestic violence.  Domestic Violence is a terrible situation to be in.  The person who is being abused verbally, emotionally, mentally and/or physically has very low self esteem and can feel not only terrified of the abuser, but also they will feel they can do nothing without the abuser.  They have been told this so many times that they can believe it.  Sometimes for the abused it can seem harder to live withoutthe abuser than to stay with them.  Children many times may later end up being abused also.  Even if the abuser does not actually physically abuse any children that are in the home with them, the children see and hear how the abuser is and it forever changes them.   Some of the children will grow up and be the way they lived in by example.  Others grow up and are determined to break this terrible cycle.  It is so important that we reach out to those that we feel may be in this sitauation.  Their thinking can be so different due to all the abuse they have taken.   If the abused can get away from the abuser, with each week that passes they can begin to heal and see things differently.  We have to reach out to the abused and any children they may have.  They must see there is hope and there is a different lifestyle for them.  Domestic Violence is indeed a CRIME.        


 Please be aware of others that may be in this situation.  Support and offers of help with options they have to remove themselves and any children they have from domestic violence is so needed. 

Thank you so much!  Tamara